AHS seniors discuss Life of Pi's issues related both to the book and to their lives.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2009 Working Thesis Statements

Put your first name and last initial before your working thesis statement. I will give you feedback on your thesis. Come see me if you need help!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Post your THESIS statement

Thinking about what you know needs to be in a thesis statement, as learned in your English classes and certainly practiced last year American Literature, write a thesis statement for one of the topic choices on the green handout.

As I'm reading many of your posted thesis statements, I realize that you all struggle with how to formulate a strong thesis. The ideas are there, but you are not stating your arguments well. Print the following and bring to class on Wed.:

1. This handout helps determine a strong thesis statement from a weak thesis statement: Indiana University handout.

2. This handout explains clearly what a thesis statement is, how to write it (giving an easy-to-remember formula), and the purpose of a thesis statement is: North Carolina Wesleyan College handout

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hot Seat Discussion (for those that just couldn't leave their seats in our modified fishbowl discussion!)

Answer ALL of the following questions:

1. Give your understanding of the carnivorous island and the conversations Pi had with Richard Parker and the French-speaking man that tried to eat him. How does this relate to existentialism and what does it explain about Pi OR the book?

2. What story HAS to be true in your mind. Why?

3. Explain the larger meaning of 'choosing the better story'...beyond Pi's suggestion to the Japanese ministers interviewing him. In other words, what is Martel's message to all his readers?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Read the post below to see what we did today. Here are a few more pics!

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Today, we had a simulation of sorts. First, the tribes had to guess 1) what 1 thing was that almost made Pi crazy and 2) what was 1 thing that made Pi successful with Richard Parker. After figuring out that it was thirst and a whistle, the students competed in a cracker/whistle race, feeling the importance of being able to whistle in the midst of deep dehydration. Too fun! (Your homework post is below this!

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Reflection on the Online Diuscussion

We finished reading Life of Pi and logged onto Google Docs. I had created a Spreadsheet with questions along the top and the students' names along the left side. I asked the students to answer all the questions, as well as comment on another student's response, 1 per column. We did this in class in lieu of a class discussion or fishbowl.

I would like you, the students, to give me feedback:

Did you like this format and why?

Was it interesting to hear everyone's ideas? Why/why not?

Were there too many questions, too little, the right amount? Why?

Did you like that I could jump on the page to challenge your ideas? Why/why not?

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reflective Blog for Relationships Group (1st hour)

1. Find the passage from the book that you think best represents Pi's relationship with his father or uncle, his relationship with animals, or his relationship with his three different religions AND explain why you think the quote best represents that relationship.

2. Post the passage as a comment.

3. Add a question that relates to your quote and your belief about Pi's relationship. Make it thought-provoking and one that could be argued either way a person answers it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Understanding Existentialism--an oxymoron?

Answer the following questions:

1. In class on Wednesday, I asked you: Who are you? You had to respond without thinking; you wrote without thinking. We then researched existentialism in images, definitions, articles, videos, songs, etc. So...looking at your findings, how would an existentialist answer the question: Who are you?

2. Look at the definition of oxymoron: "a figure of speech that combines two usually contradictory terms in a compressed paradox, as in the word bittersweet or the phrase living death." (Answers.com) Explain how my title for this blog post is OR isn't an oxymoron.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Post your thesis statement

Make sure to check to back as I will be commenting on your thesis statements. If you read through other thesis statements, you are welcome to make comments to them as well! Happy thesis writing!